One-on-one training with Sonya Shield Inspired is a great way to achieve your health and fitness goals, and get more out of life. I offer a balanced program, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want to move better, get leaner, feel stronger or reduce stress, we have a solution for you. 


Our unique approach combines many techniques to help create mobility, strength and functional flexibility. Your program is tailored to your interests and the results you are seeking. 


Why Explore one-on-one training at Sonya Shields Inspired?


- start a customized, integrated fitness program

- get an introduction of the fundamentals, or advance your practice

- address specific issues, needs and goals

- manage street and improve overall wellbeing

- ask questions and get guidance

- find an approach that works best for your body

- pay close attention to technique, core work and alignment 

- safely move at your own pace, with individualized attention


I also provide specially designed sports programs for any athlete wanting to prolong their career or sport by learning how to stretch and rest the body. 


Benefits of private training:


- increase flexibility, balance and mobility 

- improve strength and energy

- increase calorie burning and endurance

- be more present, mindful and focused

- achieve the results you want more efficiently 


How it works

Get started on a path to your best life. For more information on training options and to book an appointment, contact: or IG @sonyashieldsinspired_yoga 


Please check out the following link for further information in scheduling, cost and payment:

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