In any one class we could be working on 1 of 3 things depending on the needs of that class or private client. 


1. Mobility

2. Functional Flexibility 

3. Tissue Work


Mobility isn’t something that we do for the sake of “Getting More Mobile”. Mobility work is done because it’s necessary in order to maximize one’s potential and working on it has numerous benefits. Working on mobility will help you break through plateaus and improve your overall health. You also need mobility to great strong and move well. Without working on mobility you will either develop chronic injuries or just hit a plateau in your training.


Mobility work will allow you to maximize your progress in anything you do whether it’s increasing the size of your muscles, building strength or developing movement skills.


Functional Flexibility is the ability of the skeletal joints to move easily and freely within a functional movement. Think of “function” as an intentional movement. Being able to move our bodies in the way they were intended, without restriction, creates efficient movement. For an athlete, this leads to bigger lifts, higher jumps, and increased speed. For everyone else, it means reduced lower back pain, better posture and improved circulation. That is, what are we intending to do for a particular sport or activity? 


Tissue Work in doing this properly, you need to apply pressure over the trigger points in the muscle to help regain normal function. This pressure helps relax the muscles and break apart adhesions, which in turn increases blood flow to that muscle. This enables faster recovery for sore muscle tissue. Recent research supports the efficacy of self-myofascial release. By incorporating this in your routine, you can decrease muscle soreness post-exercise and increase the contractile force of your muscles. 


This helps in creating functional muscles and joints!