I grew up in Oklahoma. My husband, Davey, and I met in college. Several years after college we decided to move to Alberta, Canada, where my husband is from. Since 1997 Davey and I have built a life together. Let me be real with you, it has not always been rainbows and sunshine. As a couple we chose to fight through all the tough times and love through the good times. Learning the lessons in each of them. 


Davey had a very successful career and he was the bread winner for our family however it took him away from us a lot. We had our first child in 2002, Mercedes. And our whole world changed for the better, of course. I was stay at home mom with business/marketing degree and I was doing nothing with it. I was home missing not being able to see my family, in Oklahoma.  We couldn’t really afford to travel to see them very often. In 2004, I was introduced to a health and wellness company that would forever change the direction of our family’s life.


Davey continued his career as a professional athlete as I built this new business from home with Mercedes alongside me. With Davey away a lot and having no family around us was so difficult but I knew it would be worth it. Before we realized it our Health and Wellness business began to allow us to have choices in our lives. It exploded into more than our wildest dreams. 

In 2007, we introduced our son, Ryder, to the world.  Shortly after he was born, we moved just outside of Calgary, Alberta and my health took a turn. For many months and years we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I finally found a doctor that dug deep until he found out the problem.  I won’t go into full details. The one thing that came out of it was that my doctor said that I could no longer do intense workouts. The only thing I was allowed to do was restorative yoga. Let’s just say I wasn’t excited about it but I accepted it. I was willing to do anything in order to feel better. This was the beginning of the love for yoga and mobility.


I have been practicing yoga since 2009 and I have never looked back. To say I am now a pretzel is definitely a “No”, LOL. I don’t practice yoga to get into poses, I practice for the health benefits and mobility. In 2019, I decided to take my first yoga teachers training. I was solely doing it to build knowledge around my personal practice. 


After learning all the amazing health benefits yoga provides, I decided to give even deeper into learning more about how to teach others about what I was learning in the importance of creating mobility in your body. I began to learn really fast that it wasn’t about doing a pose and looking a certain way, it was about the space it created in the movement of the body. Don’t get me wrong, all the amazing yogis that can bend like a pretzel worked really hard to get there and they look amazing. My goal is to help create mobility, create functional flexibility and longevity in the body of everyday people wanting to live a long and healthy life and elite athletes who want to take their sport beyond their plateau.


Let’s partner together and I'll guide you through all the benefits of mobility, functional flexibility and balance into your life! Check out my Free 30 minute discover classes for mobility and trapeze to see how this can be a fit for you. 


I look forward to partnering with you in your journey of your personal mobility practice!


Your Mobility Specialist,